WATCH: Huckabee Sanders: Caring About People Is at the Core of Who Donald Trump Is

Donald Trump is known for a number of different traits. Compassion is not one of them. The President boasted in 2006 about not changing diapers or talking his children for walks. Men who did so, said Trump, are “acting like the Wife.”

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The President has also failed to mount up much compassion for the near 140,000 Americans who have died of COVID-19.He has pushed to reopen schools without much consideration for the safety of children or teachers. But his former Press Secretary is here to help gaslight America. During an appearance on Fox News, Sarah Sanders said that compassion is at the core of who Donald Trump is.

Sanders made the comments during an interview with Sean Hannity.

“Under President Trump,” she began. “I think every parent can go to sleep at night knowing that the president of the United States is doing literally everything he can to keep them safe. That is his number one duty, number one obligation, he should be reminding people of that. But do it in a way that is compassionate, talk about how he cares about the people and remind them of that being the core of who he is and one of the things he ran on in 2016 and helped him get elected.”

You can watch a video of her comments here:

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