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[WATCH] Howard Stern to MAGA: ‘Trump Despises You’

[WATCH] Howard Stern to MAGA: ‘Trump Despises You’

Howard Stern has always understood exactly who Donald Trump is. The interviews that have resurfaced from the pre-2015 years are full of Stern leading Trump right into areas where he can repeatedly put his foot in his mouth. It was on Stern’s old show that Trump talked about his daughter Ivanka’s body and how attractive he found her.

Stern is so skilled at what he does that he’s always able to zero in on his subject’s fallibilities and exploit them, quite often without the subjects realizing it (see: the Herschel Walker interview chock full of lies and blatant homophobia) so of course, he was always able to draw other vulgarities out of Trump, the ultimate vulgarian.

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Beth Ostrosky and Howard Stern (Photo by James Devaney/WireImage)

While Stern is dismantling someone’s entire id and ego like an amateur Freudian psychoanalyst, he’s also zeroing in on what makes them tick and how they operate. And one thing Stern knows–just like Michael Cohen, Mary Trump, and even yours truly have all said repeatedly–is that Donald Trump only cares about himself, and he couldn’t care less about the people who remain loyal to him. Their money? Sure. Their livelihoods? In no way at all. He also will never change. He’s the same gross chauvinist playboy he’s always been. Trump is like if an ill-fitting leisure suit from 1978 was a person coated in orange spray tan and failure.

The problem is, you can tell them all the truths about Trump, but the MAGA sheeple won’t listen to stuff they don’t like. Trump is still whining about losing an election from nearly two years ago and they don’t care. He grifted $250 million from them and they don’t care. So Howard Stern can tell Trump supporters that Trump doesn’t care about them, but it probably won’t sink in. Still, I love the guy for trying.


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Stern jokingly (?) says he might have to run for President every few years or so. Now, just because someone is really smart and can see through people’s bs, that doesn’t mean they should run for office. We need Stern where he is, behind the microphone and blasting out the truthiest truths about Trump, because his voice still reaches millions of people every day. And also because I’m not on the radio anywhere, but that’s another story for another time.


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