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WATCH: Howard Stern Rips Into Joe Rogan Over Ivermectin Claims

WATCH: Howard Stern Rips Into Joe Rogan Over Ivermectin Claims

Joe Rogan has a massive platform with a plum gig on Spotify and millions of viewers. Over the last few months, the host has used that platform to push vaccine hesitancy.

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Like Rogan, Howard Stern also has a huge audience. The Sirius/XM jock, though, has been using his show to urge his listeners to get their shot. And during his Monday show, Stern lit into Rogan.

“I heard Joe Rogan was saying ‘What are you busting my balls [for]? I took horse de-wormer and a doctor gave it to me,'” he said. “Well, a doctor would also give you a vaccine, so why take horse-dewormer?”

Stern continued:

“We’re trapped in a country with imbeciles. Guess what? When we get COVID, we don’t end up in the hospitals so we don’t overload the hospitals. So what did I say? We have no time for idiots in this country anymore. We don’t want you. We want you to all, either go to the hospital and stay home, die there with your COVID. Don’t take the cure, but don’t clog up our hospitals with your covid when you finally get it. Stay home, don’t bother with science, it’s too late. Go f**** yourself, we just don’t have time for you.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Sirius/XM:


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