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[WATCH] How Do We Stop Trump’s Plot to Steal Future Elections?

[WATCH] How Do We Stop Trump’s Plot to Steal Future Elections?

Republicans have always broadcast what they’re going to do before they do it, and for some reason, people haven’t learned that yet. “Russia, if you’re listening,” was just one clarion call announcing that not only was Russia listening, it was already inside the house.

It would be one thing if the GOP just imploded and a new party rose from the desecrated ground and started over, but they’re determined to take all of us out with them. Since they’re fully compromised by Putin and Putin wants us all sick, starving, stupid, and struggling until we’re all dead, what’s a little election tampering while they’re at it? Because there’s nothing that screams “I’m doing a patriotism!” than dismantling the American voting system from within.

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Putin’s “if you can’t beat em, cheat em” tactics don’t work all the time, or else Joe Biden would be at home in Delaware and abortion would already be illegal. Not that his puppets didn’t try to stop that from happening, you’ll recall, but they just didn’t plan it out very well. They’ve had time to regroup, LITERALLY, and now they’re trying to be all sly about their next attempt at making sure nobody trusts election results ever again.

Joe Kent told me so. Other candidates have said so. Donald Trump is deliberately picking the dumbest goofballs who are easily manipulated to run for office this year, and none of them care if they win. In fact, they all hope they lose so they can cry about fraud and tampering and fake results and the Big Lie, which is already their own Big Truth, will seem less like a lie to the country at large.

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Election deniers controlling the voting process seems super wrong to me and it also seems like not enough people are talking about it. Thankfully the MSM is finally catching up to the little liberal lady on the internets (that would be me), with Rachel Maddow devoting time to the topic recently. But how is anyone going to stop this Trump Trainwreck from taking our votes away from us? Maddow’s colleague Alicia Menendez spoke with Kim Rogers, Executive Director for the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State, about the threat to our democracy.

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