[WATCH] House Votes To Expand ACA For First Time Since 2010

The House passed an expansion of the ACA for the first time since 2010. The Monday vote comes after the Trump administration has filed a request with the supreme court to completely strike the law down despite being in the middle of a pandemic. Despite the House vote many doubt that Mitch McConnell will pass it or even bring it to a vote. The White House has pledged to veto.

One expansion increases subsidies for those who buy insurance through the ACA marketplace. The expansion would also put additional financial pressure on those last states that previously said no to Medicaid expansion. This will be done by cutting the amount of Medicaid dollars those states receive every year. The expansion also allows for medicare to haggle prescription drug prices. It will also put a stop to Trump’s expansion of junk insurance plans that do not have to meet all ACA requirements. This is because the plans under Trump’s expansion do not have to cover pre-existing conditions.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi commented on how important the expansion is. She said, “As lives are shattered by the coronavirus, the protections of the Affordable Care Act are more important now, more than ever.  Noting that both Trump and congressional Republicans keep saying that they intend their as-of-yet totally absent replacement plan for the ACA to cover people with preexisting medical conditions, she said: “Oh really? Then why are you in the United States Supreme Court to overturn them?”

Trump said in his veto statement that the house bill “attempts to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to resuscitate tired, partisan proposals.” He also believes that the bill will stall the development of new drugs which is  “imprudent given the current focus on developing vaccines and therapeutics rapidly to help America and the world combat the coronavirus.”


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