(WATCH) Honduras Mother Reunited With Baby Taken From Father At The Border

Trump’s war on immigrants seeking asylum and harsh child separation policy has been one of the darkest moments in his Presidency. A 17-month-old baby of parents seeking asylum from Honduras was finally reunited with her mother after she was so cruelly separated from her father and detained by ICE for 2 months.

The baby, Juliet, was sent to a shelter for migrant children (or baby cages) in Texas after immigration officials ripped her from her father, whom they arrested Dec. 28 near Calexico. Juliet’s mother, Sindy Flores, told The Chronicle that the federal government kept adding more and more requirements for the child’s release, including a credit card payment of up to $4,000 to fly the girl to San Francisco with a care provider.

The scene of young Juliet being handed to her mother is not for the faint of heart.  Juliet, crying loudly, was quickly hugged and whisked away by her mother from the circle of reporters and television cameras.

“I’m nervous. I can’t describe it,” Flores had said moments before the reunification, saying she planned to tell her baby “how much I love her, how much I’ve missed her.”

Flores, who is seeking asylum, was hysterical about the state of her baby.

“They’re damaging her psychologically,” Flores had said before learning she would be reunited. “She’s going to be dealing with the trauma of thinking we left her, that we abandoned her.”

Watch the highly emotional scene below:

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