[WATCH] Historian Who Famously Called Trump’s Upset Win In 2016 Predicts Huge Trump Loss In 2020

Allan Lichtman is the political historian who famously called Trump’s historic presidential win in 2016 and who teaches at American University in Washington D.C. has a bad prediction for Trump in 2020. While speaking to The New York Times, Lichtman explained how Trump will more than likely suffer defeat in the election in November due to the coronavirus and the civil unrest that engulfed the country this year.

The historian looked at several factors plaguing Trump’s reelection bid which he called “keys” to figure out the possible outcome to a presidential race. Some of the factors include the GOP losing control of the House of Representatives in 2018. the economic recession we are currently in, and the protests happening across the country.

Lichtman points out that Trump has some things going right for him like being able to dodge potential international crises. Trump also has the luck of facing Joe Biden who is classed by some as boring and uncharismatic, but he says that that will not be enough to fight off defeat.

Lichtman said, “The keys predict that Trump will lose the White House.”

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