WATCH: Historian Laurence Leamer Says Mar-a-Lago Members Are Quitting Club With Trump Back in Town

Over the last 4 years, membership at the Mar-a-Lago Club offered members a special benefit; access to a sitting President. But that President, Donald Trump, has been voted out of office. And now that his schedule is wide open, Trump is spending a lot of time at his Florida country club.

Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

But the people who were shelling out big bucks for Mar-a-Lago now just have access to a guy who used to be President. And for many, that may not be worth the rising membership costs. According to author and historian Laurence Leamer, plenty of members are already quitting.

Leamer made the comments during an appearance on Alex Witt’s MSNBC show. Witt asked, “So what happened there and what’s happened since Wednesday? Are supporters camping out outside his property there? Are they lining the streets? What’s it look like?”

The historian replied:

“No. What’s fascinating — I’ve talked to a bunch of people the last couple of days. A lot of people have quit Mar-a-Lago. They don’t want their names to be in The Washington Post or The New York Times, and the list of people that have quit, they’ve silently walked out. They don’t want anything to do with Donald Trump. And many of the members, they’re not going there very often, because it’s a very dispirited place. They’re not concerned about politics. It’s a sad place for Trump to be hanging out. It’s not what it was.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:


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