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[WATCH] Hillary Clinton: ‘We Have to Double Down On the Pressure’ On Russia

[WATCH] Hillary Clinton: ‘We Have to Double Down On the Pressure’ On Russia

Hillary Clinton was a Senator, First Lady, and Secretary of State, but her emails or whatever and now the world is a garbage fire on the brink of World War III because some people just couldn’t stand having a woman as President. Oh, I’m sorry, they’re fine with *a* woman being President, in theory, just not *that* woman or any other woman the Democrats put in front of them.

By not having Hillary as our Rightful 45th President because somehow throwing out a historic number of Popular Votes translates into giving the people what they want, we missed out on a level-headed and educated person who can speak to international diplomacy with authority. Instead, we got a barely sentient melted bag of Cheetos that was left on the dashboard of a 1978 Dodge Charger in the middle of August in the Bronx.

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I mean, why should anyone listen to Hillary Clinton when she only predicted exactly everything that happened? She coughed while wearing a pantsuit or something, if I remember the media kerfuffle while Trump was openly praising Vladimir Putin on Russian TV, which is apparently fine, as is Trump still asking Putin to find dirt on people he doesn’t like.

It’s not like she warned us, we just overreacted! I mean, what do silly women know? 🤦‍♀️

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But ANYWAY, now that the media has total PTSD from TFG, it’s like they don’t know how to do anything like they used to before Trump verbally abused them into submission on the daily. They all really owe Hillary Clinton an apology for how they portrayed her during the 2016 campaign, especially the men who were really aggro towards her but gave Trump a pass. Anyone remember this cringefest where a former Today Show host who later lost his gig for being a little too much like Trump really “Lauered the bar” with the worst questioning of candidates ever?

But Hillary Clinton is so classy and cares so much about her country that she’ll talk to the very men who seemed to work overtime to discredit her not that long ago. Chuck Todd is just lucky he can’t receive any actual pain from the stares he gets from so many of us through our screens, that’s all I’ll say. Anyway, maybe listen to Hillary Clinton on how to handle Russia since Putin is terrified of her and she knows it.


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