[WATCH] Hillary Clinton Wants To Kidnap Your Kids According To DeAnna Lorraine

 DeAnna Lorraine who is a well-known QAnon conspiracy theorist and former candidate for Congress made an outstanding claim during her Wednesday broadcast. She said that the reason Hillary Clinton is pushing for more affordable child care is so she and other “elites”  can easily kidnap children and traffic them.

Lorraine seems to have been prompted to make the claim when Clinton tweeted out an article from the New York Times reporting on how hard it is for parents to obtain child care during the pandemic while working from home. Clinton quoted the author who wrote,  “in the Covid-19 economy, you’re allowed only a kid or a job,” and Lorraine seems to have taken this as Clinton “saying that we’re only allowed, one kid.”

Lorraine said, “Hillary Clinton says you’re allowed only a kid or a job in the pandemic era. Do you guys know how sinister that is? How nefarious that is?” She then asked, “You guys know what this is all about? This isn’t about anything other than population control. That’s what it is. It’s population control. And you know too, if Hillary Clinton is sponsoring it, then it’s about population control or child-trafficking. One or the other. She’s coming in for your babies.”

She concluded, “Hillary Clinton is obsessed with talking about children,” she continued. “She’s always obsessed with making child care more accessible. Accessible child care. She’s been obsessed with it since day one, for like 40 years, always talking about accessible child care. What is it really about? Accessible child care? Sounds to me like accessible child-trafficking to try to take your child because it’s more accessible for her and the elites.”

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