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WATCH: Herschel Walker Drops New Ad Responding To Allegations Of “Hiding” Kids

WATCH: Herschel Walker Drops New Ad Responding To Allegations Of “Hiding” Kids

Georgia Senate hopeful Herschel Walker has been outspoken on the matter of paternal responsibility — so naturally, when the news surfaced that he had a kid — and then, actually, a few kids — who he hadn’t been talking about, it hit headlines. He’s been defending himself against the allegations of keeping his children “secret,” and now he’s dropped a new ad that consists entirely of a repetition of that defense.

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Walker has defended himself by saying that he hasn’t kept his kids “secret,” as reports allege. He says he’s mentioned them in at least one financial filing, and is proud of them, but chose to protect them by not dragging them into the political arena.

That’s fair enough — by all means, shield children from potential political attacks. But Walker isn’t being criticized for not bringing his kids on the campaign trail, and no one is criticizing him for not using them as political pawns.

The Daily Beast‘s initial report, upon discovering the first of three children who Walker fathered but didn’t mention in his talks about the harm done by absentee fathers, cited the court records — in which that child’s mother had to fight to establish paternity and financial support when the boy was a year old.

Here’s Walker’s ad, pushing back against the publicity.

Note Walker doesn’t actually address any of the real allegations — which aren’t of “hiding” his kids so much as hypocrisy, as he repeatedly declares one of society’s problems to be children growing up without a father in the household, while fathering children in multiple households, but not mentioning that.

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