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WATCH: Herschel Walker Claims To Be An FBI Agent (He’s Not)

WATCH: Herschel Walker Claims To Be An FBI Agent (He’s Not)

Herschel Walker’s campaign staff has said that he’s a compulsive liar. It remains to be seen whether that turns out to be an effective campaign strategy, although it seems not to have hindered him in making it through the Republican primaries. One of the claims Walker has made over the years is that he’s an FBI agent.

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In a recently resurfaced clip from 2019, Walker threw out an odd series of claims. This time around, it had to do with his purported background as a law enforcement officer, and his status as an FBI agent — neither of which seems to be reality.

Check out the clip below in which he declares himself an FBI agent and law enforcement officer as he tells the story about being treated with disrespect, then grabbing a gun and pursuing someone in his vehicle, all while listening to voices argue in his mind.

“I spent time at Quantico at the FBI training school Yall didn’t know I was an agent. I probably shouldn’t tell you that…I grabbed my gun and said, ‘I will kill him…’
I took off on 183.
I still remember the voices: ‘Herschel people are disrespecting you all the time. People always doing stuff to you. You never done nothing to nobody.’
All of a sudden this other voice said, ‘Herschel, your parents didn’t raise you like that.’
‘Yes they did.’
‘No they didn’t.’
‘Yes they did.’
I thought I was losing my mind…I started to pray.
I said ‘Lord, I need some help right now…I need you to help me…I’m about to do something stupid…’
…I got out of my car and put my hand on my gun as I was walking to his truck. Before I could see the guy, I saw the sign on the back of his truck that said ‘honk if you love Jesus,’ and that’s what calmed me down.”

According to Mother Jones, Walker’s claims of being an FBI agent and in law enforcement are an exaggeration at best:

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Pressed by AJC, Walker’s campaign said that he was an honorary deputy at Georgia’s Cobb County Police Department, which, a former DeKalb County district attorney said, is “like a junior ranger badge.”

He did apparently spend a week at FBI training school in 1989 but has not completed other requirements, namely a college degree, required to become an FBI agent.

According to Eurweb, some of the stories Walker tells in his campaign speeches and even to his staff have campaign aides particularly concerned about his fitness for office. Despite claiming that he’s never kept any of his kids ‘secret’ and merely didn’t mention them on the campaign trail for their own privacy, his campaign staff says that when they asked him if there were any other children they should know about, he said there were not — which of course, turned out to be false.

Ultimately, Walker’s claims of being an FBI agent are either entirely false, or a secret kept well by everyone but Walker himself.

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