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WATCH: Here’s The Speech That Got An Arizona Republican Censured (Warning: Racial Slurs)

WATCH: Here’s The Speech That Got An Arizona Republican Censured (Warning: Racial Slurs)

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers (R, of course) has been censured after a speech defending white nationalist Nick Fuentes, and you’ll be able to see a short clip of him speaking here too — but be warned, it’s not safe for work and contains a particularly odious racial slur.

[Photo by Thomas McKinless/CQ Roll Call].

Here’s Rogers, a state Senator, endorsed by former President Donald Trump, defending Fuentes. According to her, he’s the most persecuted man in America, and that’s why she respects him. This all comes, according to her, for “just saying things the media and the far left doesn’t like.”

If you pay attention at this point in the clip, you can hear someone in the audience shout, “The n-word!” before others break into cheers.

This, she calls, is a matter of “standing up to tyranny,” and being “separate[d] from…the losers.” She compares Fuentes to the Founding Fathers and Jesus, who don’t “water down their speech.”

For Nick, she has a message: “Please keep doing what you’re doing.

This, below, is what Fuentes is doing. Again, remember this clip contains a racial slur, specifically the n-word, so view with caution.

If you found yourself understandably unable to watch, here’s a partial transcript.

“People accuse us of hating Black people, but we’re the only ones who treat Back people with actual respect, honestly. Respect enough to tell them, ‘Hey, stop committing crimes!’ ‘Stop being so illiterate in schools!’ And when they’re cool, we’re just cool with them, you know?”

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This is before he starts talking about Steve Bannon — who he describes as trying to “flood the zone with [n-slur] votes.”

For Wendy Rogers’ part, after being censured by her state legislature, including a majority of Republicans, she borrowed a line often used to defend Trump, declaring that people were merely upset about her “mean tweets.”

According to AZFamily, it was the aforementioned support of Fuentes and alignment with white supremacists, along with calling for her political opponents to be hanged as criminals, that resulted in her censure, not the “mean tweets” or the “forbidden stuff” she reserves for her Telegram and Gab accounts.

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