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WATCH: Here’s How Anti-Wokers Lie To The Public & Endanger Teachers & School Staff

WATCH: Here’s How Anti-Wokers Lie To The Public & Endanger Teachers & School Staff

Parents being involved in their kids’ education is a great thing. Unfortunately, the far-right is using the concerns of parents, stoking unfounded fears, to enrage the public and endanger teachers, as part of an attack on public education. Here’s a single poignant example.

[Screenshot via Clark County School District/Facebook]

First, it shows up on Libs of TikTok. This is a Twitter account that reposts videos, curated to give a false impression of liberals, the LBGTQ community, and other groups or individuals, often helping provoke harassment of those featured.

In this case, it’s a short clip from a Clark County School Board meeting in Nevada. The clip is cut off, and the text added gives the false impression that a mother was not allowed to read, at a meeting of adults, text that her child was forced to read aloud in school.

This is false. As Newsweek reports, the woman’s testimony was briefly paused while board members discussed rules of decorum for the meeting, and then was allowed to continue.

Unfortunately, once it hits the internet, a lie is forever — especially if it inflames the anti-woke activists.

It especially doesn’t help when the lie gets amplified by the son of the former president, to his millions of followers.

The school district quickly addressed the disinformation, even providing a link so that anyone interested in verifying the truth could witness for themselves that the parent was allowed to complete her allotment of time, and share her concerns.

In fact, in viewing the full speech by the parent, one learns a number of things cut out of the Libs of TikTok misleading clip: that the child did not tell her teacher she didn’t want to read the material, that the parent has already spoken to the regional superintendent and believes the matter is being handled, that she doesn’t want the teacher — who her daughter raves about — fired, and that the board makes it clear someone will be contacting her directly for more information, although the rules do not allow them to engage or answer questions during this proceeding.

The district also addressed the concern itself on social media, assuring the public that it was investigating the incident, agreeing that the content was “not conducive to student instruction,” and alerting the public that it was not, in fact, content from the curriculum, but something another student had written.

(We all remember in school when we would do work and exchange papers with a classmate, right?)

Despite this, Libs of TikTok posted a screenshot of just part of the district’s response, accusing them of “missing the point” by only addressing the false claim that the speaker was cut off — when in truth, the district did, as you can see above, address the content as well, and state that they’re investigating.

These facts also didn’t stop Fox News from falsely reporting that the student had been forced to read from an explicit book — misleading their audiences into believing that the content, apparently a conversation in which a character expresses what she’s learned about her own sexuality, was being given out to students by a teacher, as approved and intentional curriculum.

Further tweets show a conversation between the organization, Power2Parent, that joined the complainant at the meeting, and a trustee, Danielle Ford. Ford can be seen keeping her head and addressing the issue clearly — pointing out that Power2Parent was coaching the mother in order to disrupt the meeting, rather than addressing it through normal channels.

When she’s attacked by a Power2Parent member, she asserts the facts again — this was addressed during the meeting, but Ford felt the need to ask for any additional material due to Power2Parent’s tease about potentially having more content from the same incident, saving it to be used in an attack instead of addressed through the system.

Meanwhile, another Board Trustee, rather than contacting the complainant or working with the school to make sure that the concern was addressed, joined attackers on Twitter, amplifying the aforementioned misleading Fox News story — though, being in the room, she surely knew that the claim of the complainant being cut off was a lie, and likely knew that the claim of the content being a book assigned to the class was false, as well.

If you’re a parent, there’s a fair chance that you’ve encountered something in your child’s curriculum or school experience at some point that you didn’t appreciate or approve of. You probably responded with one of several methods: explaining to the child how to handle a similar incident next time; emailing or calling the teacher; or contacting the principal or superintendent. When those methods don’t work, escalating is always an option, including escalating to a public discussion when necessary.

However, the current climate around education, with the far-right urging followers to harass schools over teaching about racism, acknowledging the mere existence of gender and sexuality, or requiring kids to wear masks during a pandemic, makes these lies not only dangerous but potentially deadly for teachers and school staff — and public education is the target.

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