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[WATCH] Hammer Wielding Racist Screams At Latino Couple: ‘You Mexicans — Go Back Your Country!’

[WATCH] Hammer Wielding Racist Screams At Latino Couple: ‘You Mexicans — Go Back Your Country!’

President Trump has some racist supporters in his base. One such supporter was arrested in Houston on Sunday. Constance Lynn Bono verbally attacked a Latino couple while in a parking lot. Bono was brandishing a hammer while performing her racist attack on the couple. Apparently, Bono thought that Arturo Corovez and his wife, Dr. Lia Franco were Mexicans. The couple is actually Ecuadorian.

The couple was visiting Houston as a vacation for Dr. Franco who has been taking care of coronavirus patients in New Orleans. The frightening encounter began when the doctor and her husband noticed Bono following them in her car. They were on their way to eat when they noticed Bono brandishing a hammer. Cordovez said, “She stopped behind us. After that, she started showing a hammer through the mirror. She was shaking her arm … and cursing at us, I think. I was thinking, what did I do?”

The scared couple notified 911 and parked at a gas station. Bono parked beside them and exited her vehicle with a hammer in hand. Franco said of what happened next, “She said screamed, ‘You Mexicans, get out of my f*cking country, go back to your f*cking country.'”

Bono is 60 years old and has a Facebook filled with content from the Hodge Twins and Terrence K. Williams who are also Trump supporters. Bono has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She faces a possible 20 years in prison. Although she is being charged with a second-degree felony she could be charged in the first degree if it is found that she was motivated by hate. If so, she could receive life in prison.

Dr. Franco said of Bono, “I think she needs help, she needs treatment, but that doesn’t justify the fact she needs to follow the laws of her country. If she broke the laws here, she needs to pay for what she did. But for me as a physician, I think the most important thing is she needs treatment, she needs help.”

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We will see if racial tensions get higher as November approaches.


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