WATCH: Gunman Leaves Truck, Yells At Protestors To ‘Back The F*** Up’ From Trump Supporters

A man has been arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon after witnesses say he aimed a rifle at protestors in Upland, California. According to eyewitness reports, two groups of protestors were on opposite sides of the road when one group, carrying flags and expressing support for Trump, blocked the road to approach the other group. On video, the two groups can be seen then to move together to the middle of the road. At this point, Jacob Bracken reportedly leaves his vehicle, and he can be seen in another video, yelling for people to “back the f*** up.”

Screenshot vie Twitter/Romualdo Sanchez

RawStory collected eyewitness accounts that match up with video of the events. Those who were present during the incident say that a group of pro-Trump counter-protestors first approached the larger group, which was protesting to call for justice in the George Floyd case. In the video below, the flag-carrying group can be seen moving into the street, in front of traffic, to the honking of horns. Then both groups surge back into the street.

This is when witnesses say Jacob Bracken acted, getting out of his pickup truck with a rifle. Video begins after he has already apparently exited the vehicle.

One of the pro-Trump supporters spoke to a KNBC reporter, saying that his group was in fear for their lives from the other group, which they approached, and that the gunman is an acquaintance of his. He doesn’t quite confirm that the gunman was part of his group. “I turned around, and he had a weapon in his hand.” He justifies his fear by noting that he doesn’t think the protestors are from Upland, and he doesn’t know them. According to CBS Los Angeles, the gunman’s address is in Rancho Cucamonga.

The Upland police chief had previously expressed hopes that the protests would continue to be peaceful, and the police department later tweeted that the event had been mostly peaceful, aside from a few tense moments, and that there were no other arrests besides Bracken.

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