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WATCH: Guest Hits Back After Fox Host Tries to Slam ‘Liberal’ Coverage of Rittenhouse Trial

WATCH: Guest Hits Back After Fox Host Tries to Slam ‘Liberal’ Coverage of Rittenhouse Trial

Almost immediately after the shooting that left 2 people dead, Conservative media began to defend Kyle Rittenhouse. Ann Coulter went as far as saying that the teen should be the next US President.

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Howard Kurtz of Fox News, though, takes issue with how more Liberal outlets handled the situation. But Kurtz was taken aback during his Sunday show when guest Gillian Turner slammed the Conservative world for embracing Rittenhouse.

Kurtz began, “To me, Gillian, the worst part by far was after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted, there were liberal commentators who continued to call him a murderer, who continued to call him a white supremacist. As if jury verdicts don’t matter if you disagree with them.”

Turner countered:

“Yes, but to be fair, Howie, there were also conservative journalists and conservative pundits who continued herald him as a hero. And I think the reality … is that these cases are full of details, pesky little details and they tell their own story and reveal their own truths and so a narrative like this bolstering somebody who’s on trial or trying to denigrate them before the jury has had a chance to consider the facts before them is always a hopeless undertaking. Everybody loses.”

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A chastened Kurtz responded, “Right, I’ve said many times Kyle Rittenhouse is not a hero. But he also deserved a fair trial and, therefore, if you’re acquitted, I think all the people who had piled on earlier needed to recognize that.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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