[WATCH] Greene Rewrites AOC Debate Challenge

Marjorie Taylor Greene has learned the art of manipulating her followers straight from the Master, the former guy. Greene’s attention-seeking tweeting is certainly working for her, as she’s been able to raise a startling amount of money along with raising her national profile. Greene’s latest stunting has her trying to leech fame from one of the most popular members of the House, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Now that Greene has “read all 14 pages” of the Green New Deal, she’s “ready” to debate AOC, whom she apparently only recently met despite being in the same place at the same time for the last almost five months.

Greene appeared at an “America First” event on Friday night where she related the story of how the debate came to be, and Twitter isn’t buying it. Twitter user PatriotTakes shared the video where Greene employs the very Trumpian tactic of rewriting a very recent moment in history that could very easily be fact-checked by the other person involved.

Greene has long been obsessed with Ocasio-Cortez, and she seems impatient to get this debate scheduled, despite the fact that she’s the only one who thinks she’s qualified to participate.


There are plenty of arguments for this to never happen.


MTG totally went the MAGA Mean Girl route when amping up her challenge, with immeasurable levels of projection language.


Twitter took up for #TeamAOC, as usual.

No one doubts it would be entertaining to watch Ocasio-Cortez handily own Greene, but we put the over/under on this happening at a firm 99/1. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t publicly responded to the debate challenge, probably because she’s been so busy doing her job.




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