[WATCH] Gov. DeSantis Refuses To Unveil The Real COVID-19 Numbers For Florida

A CNN report revealed that Gov. Ron DeSantis is refusing to reveal the truth about Florida’s coronavirus numbers on Tuesday. Don Lemon reported that there are 213,000 new cases of the virus in Florida and Randi Kaye had more to add to the report. She pointed out that Florida’s GOP leadership is attempting a less complicated way of reopening the state.


Kaye said, “Just in the last 24 hours, they have had more than 1,600 people hospitalized for COVID. In the last two weeks, hospitalizations haves gone up 90 percent. The ICU bed demand has gone up 86 percent, and the ventilator usage has gone up 127 percent. The governor is saying he’s sending 100 nurses and 47 beds to Jackson Health because they need it so much. But at last check, we’ve noted that about 56 hospitals around the state have run out of ICU beds, which means they have no space for anyone who needs an ICU bed. This is really critical for Miami-Dade because they make up 24 percent of the cases throughout the state, so they really need those hospital beds.”

Miami-Dade does not seem to share DeSantis’ viewpoint as the county is planning to close restaurants once again, but it is unknown if the governor will block them from doing so. Kaye added, “About a week ago [DeSantis] promised under pressure he’d be releasing the statewide numbers. Miami-Dade releases its own number, but the state is not releasing the full picture, so we can’t let people know what the true number is here in the state of Florida.”

Gov. DeSantis plans for students to go back to school even if parents do not want to send them.

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