WATCH: GOP Voters Blast Trump’s COVID-19 Response in New Ad Set to Air on Fox News

Most of the Conservatives in America are willing to stay with Donald Trump until the very end. While the President’s common claim of a 95% approval rating among Republicans is not accurate, the number is still high, around 85%.

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

That doesn’t mean, though, that many right-wing voters have chosen to leave the party over Trump’s actions. Some of those GOP’ers have created a new video set to air on Fox News where they lambaste the President’s coronavirus response.

The spot, which was created by Republicans for the Rule of Law, features the thoughts of 5 different voters.

One voter claims, “Even though I’ve been a Republican all my life, I can’t support Trump and his response to the coronavirus is exactly why.”

Another chimes in, “He told us this infection would just go away, even as it ripped across other countries. He’s been lying to us about available testing. He has squandered the one advantage that America had: time to prepare.”

Bill Kristol, who said he is a Democrat as long as Trump is President, created the video. He says:

“When the government lies — especially when it lies about threats to the safety of the American people, especially in a time of crisis ― trust in government erodes. Why should citizens respect the government if the government doesn’t respect them? The coronavirus is a threat to our people. But the president’s mendacity is a threat to our Constitution.”

You can watch the new ad below:


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