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WATCH: GOP Thinks Up One More Animal They Can’t Handle Without An AR-15

WATCH: GOP Thinks Up One More Animal They Can’t Handle Without An AR-15

We know that Republicans will always come up with an excuse to say that access to high-powered rifles is always necessary. They’re particularly fond of naming animals that they can’t manage without an AR-15. In fact, a new one just got added to the list.

Close-up of black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) eating blade of grass. (Photo by: Philippe Clément/Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Last month, Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) set the trend in motion by explaining that people in some parts of his state have to deal with feral hogs, which can show up on their property and present a risk to pets, farm animals, children, or property.

Okay, feral pigs can be big. They can be as much as four feet tall, and weigh a couple hundred pounds, there are a lot of them in some states, and they can be legitimately dangerous. Still, that would only explain the need for a portion of the population — it’s not really an argument against raising age restrictions, or requiring background checks and wait lists.

Well, Cassidy got the ball rolling, and along came Representative Ken Buck (R-CO), a few days later, to explain that in his state, folks need an AR-15 to kill raccoons.

He does explain that the raccoons kill chickens, making it necessary to combat them somehow — although it doesn’t necessarily have to be combat involving a rifle that can fire more than a dozen rounds in a minute.

Now, though, it’s getting beyond ridiculous. According to Senator John Thune (R-SD), the AR-15 is necessary for a variety of ‘varmints,’ including prairie dogs.

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Prairie dogs. The National Park Service says these guys are about a foot tall and weigh 1-3 pounds.

For that, it’s necessary to not only own, but ensure that everyone in the country can own, a rifle that’s enabling mass murders of our babies in their schools?

Should we expect some conservative next week to pop up telling us he uses his AR-15 to shoot mice, or maybe cockroaches?

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