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WATCH: GOP Strategist Explains Why NY Post Editorial So Brutal for Trump

WATCH: GOP Strategist Explains Why NY Post Editorial So Brutal for Trump

Despite all the awful things he did when he was President, almost no Conservative media outlets were willing to criticize Donald Trump. That has changed somewhat since Trump has been out of office.

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Fox News, critically important to the former President’s success, seems to now prefer Ron DeSantis. And this weekend, the NY Post issued a stinging rebuke against Trump. According to Susan Del Percio, that one will really sting.

The Republican strategist told an MSNBC panel:

“As the New Yorker on the panel, I do look at these New York publications as being a little more significant. And for two different reasons. When you are talking about the Journal you are absolutely correct, Alex. The people who read the Wall Street Journal are the people who Donald Trump has always searched for their respect from them. They are his donors, and not that it matters financially because he does rely so much on small-dollar donations, but these are the people he sees at Mar-a-Lago.”

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Del Percio continued, “And the New York Post, first of all, the New York Post is saying ‘you lack character’?That is saying a real lot in New York. But, in addition, it is Donald Trump’s home paper. It’s not the New York Times, it’s not the Wall Street Journal. The New York Post was Donald Trump’s go-to paper, I do think that lives in his head a bit and does probably fluster him.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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