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WATCH: GOP Senator Says Voting Rights Bill Isn’t Need Because Black People Have Been Elected

WATCH: GOP Senator Says Voting Rights Bill Isn’t Need Because Black People Have Been Elected

For decades now, the GOP has been trying to make it more difficult for people to vote. Republic lawmakers say that their measures are the only way to prevent voting fraud. When they are pressed for evidence of widespread fraud, tough, they never really have any proof.

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During a Sunday appearance on CNN, Bill Cassidy decided to try out a different excuse. Voting rights expansion is not needed, the Louisiana senator said, because Black people have been elected to public office.

Host Jake Tapper asked, “The Senate’s going to take up the Democrats’ election reform bills this week. A key part one of them is the John Lewis Voting Rights Act which would restore provisions of the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act that protects against discriminatory state election laws. When the Senate reauthorized that law just a decade ago it passed 98-0. Why don’t Republicans, including yourself, support restoring those, the voting rights act now?”

“So the Supreme Court decided, that the conditions in 1965 are different than they are now. Imagine that?” Cassidy responded. “We’ve had an African American-elected president of the United States, and an African-American elected to the vice presidency and African-American elected to the Senate in South Carolina. If anyone can’t see the circumstances have changed, they’re just not believing their lying eyes.”

Cassidy continued, “The reality is that, in Louisiana, we have the highest percentage of African-American officials in the nation. We’ve had a white mayor of a predominantly Black city and a Black mayor of a predominantly white city. There’s been incredible progress in our country.”

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