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WATCH: GOP Senator Says AR-15s Are Necessary Because Feral Pigs Might Show Up

WATCH: GOP Senator Says AR-15s Are Necessary Because Feral Pigs Might Show Up

Who needs an AR-15 in civilian life? Apparently, it’s men who routinely have to kill dozens of feral hogs to save the lives of their children — or maybe, men who fantasize that such a situation might arise and give them the opportunity to be a hero.

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In fact, “feral hogs” is not a new argument, having previously gone viral in 2019 for being utterly ridiculous, but when Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) was put on the spot to name a valid use for the long rifle that has been used over and over in mass killings and school shootings, he didn’t turn to any of the most common answers, like home defense or target shooting, or even the oft-cited deer hunting.

Nope, he went straight for the hogs.

“Well, if you talk to the people that own it, killing feral pigs in, you know, whatever, the middle of Louisiana, they wonder, why would you take it away from them?”

This went viral, actually, back in 2019, when singer Jason Isbell tweeted to ask the same question, and was answered by a guy who said that his is necessary for killing 30-50 feral pigs that apparently stampede into his yard while his children play. KnowYourMeme has the full story, and you can see the tweets below.

It’s true that more than half the states in the U.S. have feral hogs, and that in Louisiana in particular, the population is growing and recreational shooting is one of the methods of limiting that.

However, the Wall Street Journal puts a total tally of the number of AR-15s in the U.S. at about 20 million, and the USDA says the feral hog population in the United States is about 6 million — that’s more than three rifles per hog.

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