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WATCH: GOP Senator Lets Slip Exactly Why He’s Supporting Trump, And It’s Not The Economy

WATCH: GOP Senator Lets Slip Exactly Why He’s Supporting Trump, And It’s Not The Economy

There’s still a lot of support for Donald Trump among the voting populace. The question remains, how can a member of Congress, who was sitting in chambers the day that a crowd stormed the building on behalf of Trump, threatening the lives of legislators, still be among those supporters? Senator Chuck Grassley has the answer.

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At Trump’s Saturday evening rally in Iowa, he called Grassley up on stage to receive his endorsement. Grassley joined him, and was officially added to the list of 2022 election endorsements by the former president. In his brief acceptance, he makes it very clear why Trump’s endorsement matters, and why continuing to work for that endorsement is a priority for so many Republican candidates: it’s a path to victory.

Republicans in Congress have fought against the investigation into the attack on January 6th, and into whether Trump is legally culpable and complicit in that attack, as he struggled to remain in office after losing re-election. Grassley is among those who has openly admitted his awareness of Trump’s role.

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MSNBC quotes Grassley as saying, at the time, that Trump’s language at his pre-riot speech was “extreme, aggressive, and irresponsible,” and openly recognizing Trump’s efforts to get Mike Pence, as Vice President, to take “extraordinary and unconstitutional actions” to overturn the election.

Now Trump is endorsing primary challengers to some of the Republicans who’ve stood against him, and with an election on the line, Grassley stated his priorities clearly on stage.

“I was born at night but not last night, so if I didn’t accept the endorsement of a person that’s got 91% of the Republican voters in Iowa, I wouldn’t be too smart. I’m smart enough to accept that endorsement.”

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