WATCH: GOP Senator Doesn't Know How to Respond After Being Fact-Checked by Fox News

You don't see a Republican lawmaker on MSNBC or CNN very often. There is a reason for that. If they are to go on a network that is considered more Liberal, they may get follow-up questions about their claims and can't get their complete message across. 

So you will usually see Republicans appearing on Fox News, Newsmax, or OAN. Roger Marshall appeared on Fox & Friends on Friday morning hoping to gin up outrage about the Biden crime family. But he was left speechless when he was fact-checked by host Brian Kilmeade. 

Marshall excitedly told the hosts during the segment, "I think the smoking gun that people missed is Comer releasing that there was a monthly stipend from one of these shell companies of Hunter's going to Joe Biden! Connecting the dots!"

Kilmeade quickly noted, "he said he was paying him back for a truck." Marshall stopped talking. The host then said, "I'm just telling you what he said."

A surprised Marshall continued, "But regardless, this smells like a bribe to me! What did Hunter do to earn this money? Uh, nothing at all, and really, this is influence peddling." 

You can watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network: