WATCH: GOP Senator Defends Trump With the “Things Happen” Defense

While some senators, like Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, have played coy about Donald Trump’s impeachment, many others have already announced him innocent before a trial. There have been a number of different excuses given, most having to do with Democrats trying to reverse the results of the 2016 election.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Alabama senator Richard Shelby, though, recently gave an excuse for Trump that didn’t seem to hold much water. The lawmaker said that Trump wasn’t in the wrong because “things happen.”

The senator made the comments during a weekend appearance on ABC’s this week. Shelby was asked by George Stephanopoulos if, “it was proper for the President to solicit foreign interference.”

Shelby responded, “Well, I don’t know that has been actually proven. ou know, that’s all in dispute, of what happened, whether the Russians were involved in it, whether Ukrainians involved in it, who was involved in it, and to what extent. But I’ve never seen anything that — where Trump actually was involved in.”

Stephanopoulos pressed the senator again on if it was ok for the President of the United States to ask foreign nations for election help. Shelby said that he, “didn’t say it was ok,” but “people do things and things happen.”

Watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of ABC:

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