WATCH: GOP Senator Bill Cassidy Says Party Will Lose 2020 Midterms if They Allow Themselves to be Bullied by Trump

Donald Trump, with his businesses losing traction all over the world, would really like to stay in control of the Republican party. And thus far, it looks like the GOP is planning on allowing him to do just that.

[Photo by Greg Nash-Pool/Getty Images]
There is some opposition within the party, though. 7 senators voted to convict Trump during his impeachment trial, which would have precluded him from running for office again. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana was one of the lawmakers.

Cassidy appeared on Meet the Press Today. He was asked about Republican Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, who recently decided against running again. Gonazalez, a critic of Trump, said that he was worried about the safety of his family.

The Louisiana senator answered, “Politicians are not victims. Politicians make a choice. If we choose to look forward, bringing positive solutions to the American people who have needs, we win. If we choose to be bullied, we lose.”

The GOP lawmaker continued:

“The broader question, frankly, is do Republicans continue to re-litigate 2020, or do we look forward with a positive agenda? If we re-litigate 2020 over and over again it won’t change the result in 2020 but we’re sure to lose in 2024. On the other hand, if we have a positive agenda, which addresses the fact that the Biden administration is in disarray, whether it’s inflation, the border, Afghanistan, then the country will win and we’ll win. But if we choose to be bullied, we’ll lose.”

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