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WATCH: GOP Senate Candidate Is Certain “Weather Modification” Caused Deadly Tornado Outbreak

WATCH: GOP Senate Candidate Is Certain “Weather Modification” Caused Deadly Tornado Outbreak

Scientists have warned for decades that the climate of the earth is changing, that humans are contributing to it, and that it could spell disaster for us if we don’t work to reverse it. Conservatives have decried this as fake news, spinning numerous conspiracy theories about why scientists would lie about such a thing, and fought back against any measures proposed to reduce the damage.

MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY – DECEMBER 12: An aerial photo shows a damage as cleanup efforts continue after tornado hit Mayfield, Kentucky, United States on December 12, 2021. (Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Now, however, some of them are embracing a different notion of human effects on the planet’s weather systems — the unsupported and irrational notion that certain entities are, in fact, using secret weather weapons to change the weather on purpose, for whatever nefarious reasons.

Alex Jones proposed on his InfoWars conspiracy show that perhaps the U.S. government, under Joe Biden, was using “weather weapons” to cause the spate of deadly hurricanes that hit the nation over the weekend, as an attack for political reasons.

However, this particular conspiracy just went mainstream, with a Republican candidate who ran to represent Deleware in the U.S. Senate proclaiming the same thing.

Lauren Witzke (R-DE) says that God made weather, but that the tornadoes that hit this past weekend were “a thing of evil” and “not of God, of course not,” but that she believes humans have “perverted” weather, just as she believes they’ve done to the definition of marriage and the definition of life as it pertains to abortion rights.

“I think it was a work of man, perverting God’s creation,” she explains, as she assures viewers, “I truly believe in weather modification.”

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