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WATCH: GOP Senate Candidate Fires Weapon At Democratic Leaders In New Campaign Ad

WATCH: GOP Senate Candidate Fires Weapon At Democratic Leaders In New Campaign Ad

President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Mark Kelly all become targets — literally — in a new campaign ad that’s scheduled to air during the super bowl. The candidate is Jim Lamon, and if he wins his primary in August, he’ll be pursuing the seat Senator Kelly currently holds.

[Image via Jim Lamon/YouTube]

In the ad, which you can see below, Lamon acts out a fantasy of himself as a wild west sheriff, taking on the bad guys in a ‘showdown’ in a dusty street. First, a crowd gathers to explain why Biden, Pelosi, and Kelly are deemed enemies: because of gas prices and so-called ‘open borders.’ Then Lamon draws his pistol and fires, shooting weapons out of the hands of the other three.

Of course, the fantasy wouldn’t be complete without the crowd cheering and Lamon riding away on a horse.

Gun control advocates have pointed out that as well as seeming to promote violence against sitting elected officials, Lamon’s Super Bowl commercial adds insult to injury by taking aim — both figuratively and literally — at Mark Kelly, who happens to be married to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Giffords herself was the victim of gun violence in 2011, by a man who History.com notes was known to post anti-government rants online.

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As for Lamon, he’s laughing at the responses from people who find it inappropriate to endorse violence against elected officials. He tweeted out, “I think I might single handedly solve the Arizona drought with all the snow flakes that are melting over my Super Bowl ad.”

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