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WATCH: GOP Rep Tries To Link George Soros To Waukesha Parade Attack

WATCH: GOP Rep Tries To Link George Soros To Waukesha Parade Attack

While the investigation continues into an incident in Waukesha, Wisconsin, some political figures are already taking the opportunity to point fingers at entities they seem to blame for almost everything. Unsurprisingly, the name of George Soros is already being invoked.

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In the previous arrest of Darrell E. Brooks, for allegedly running over a woman in a parking lot, the justice system took a very typical path: he was hit with five charges, including obstructing an officer and misdemeanor battery, and in an initial hearing, the court made a decision about his eligibility for bail. According to CNN, the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office is reviewing their processes, and says they recommended a bail amount too low in his case, especially since he’d already made bail in a previous incident from last year.

However, in the clip below, Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw makes the leap — despite saying he’s not really into conspiracy theories — from a court decision that opened the door to further tragedies, all the way to George Soros.

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George Soros, or, at least, “people like George Soros,” are, Crenshaw claims, “funding these far-left, radical [district attorneys] and prosecutors.”

DA John Chisolm is taking a lot of heat in the case because, while he says that Brooks’ bail shouldn’t have been set so low, he has also campaigned for reforming the bail system overall, because of how a cash bail system means that the same charge can be a minor inconvenience for someone with sufficient funds, while it can completely derail the life of another person, simply due to poverty.

However, Chisolm’s office has made clear that in this case with prior offenses and the violent nature of the previous charges, the bail recommendation was low and an internal review is underway to determine what went wrong in the recommendation.

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