WATCH: GOP Rep. Nancy Mace: “Trump’s Entire Legacy Was Wiped Away Yesterday”

Yesterday’s actions by a mob of Trump supporters were inspired by the President. The President, though, would not have been able to inspire such atrocious actions without the help of his many enablers within the House and Senate.

Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

There are also a number of incoming Republican Congresspeople. The majority of them are Trump style lawmakers who quickly signed onto the election challenge. One incoming Congressperson, though, is willing to call out both Trump and his enablers. During a recent appearance on CNN’s New Day, South Carolina’s Nancy Mace talked about what the insurrection will do for Trump’s legacy.

She told host John Berman, “Everything that he’s worked for, and I’m a fiscal Conservative. I appreciate the lower tax rates that we had, the economic growth. Operation Warp Speed during the pandemic. All of these were great for our country. But all of that, his entire legacy was wiped away yesterday.”

Mace continued, “We have to start over. We don’t have the ground to push forward and do the things that we need to be successful and work for and be the voice for hard working Americans who believed in this message. We cannot condone the violence. My colleagues need to continue to condone it. We need to have leadership more than ever in this country.

Berman then asked how much responsibility the Republicans who have been serving in Congress bear for yesterday’s situation. Mace responded, “They should be taking 100% responsibility for this. They enabled this. I was shocked as anybody that the words turned to action yesterday.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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