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WATCH: GOP Rep. Kinzinger Says, “I Worry About the Future of my Party”

WATCH: GOP Rep. Kinzinger Says, “I Worry About the Future of my Party”

Illinois Republican Adam Kinzinger has long been one of the few Republicans more than willing to speak out against Donald Trump. And that was before Trump betrayed his party by calling the recently passed stimulus bill “a disgrace.”

Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Kinzinger appeared on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday morning. While there, he spoke to host Dana Bash about the stimulus drama. The Illinois Representative also talked about the GOP, telling Bash he worries about the future of his party.

The Republican told the CNN host, “We had way more than two-thirds of the votes to pass this. I couldn’t justify if I voted for this bill and voted to sustain the president’s veto instead of override it. I don’t know how you justify that besiding saying ‘I’m just doing what the president wants.'”

Kinzinger then laid into Republican lawmakers, saying:

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“All that is being done is certain members of Congress and the president and ‘thought leaders’ on Twitter getting retweets, getting followers and raising money on this scam. It is a scam. It is going to disappoint the people that believe this election was stolen, that think this is an opportunity to change it. But instead of being disappointed in the people that led them on this grifting scam, they will somehow, you know, try to convince these people that it was the RINOs in Congress, or something like that, and not the Constitution that prevents this from happening in the first place. We talk about the Constitution, we have to follow it, and I’m sorry if that doesn’t mean the outcome was what you wanted.”

The Illinois Rep. closed, “I really do worry about the future of my party.”


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