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WATCH: GOP Rep. Dr. Birx and Fauci has to be Removed Because They’re in Trump’s Way

WATCH: GOP Rep. Dr. Birx and Fauci has to be Removed Because They’re in Trump’s Way

There are some Republican lawmakers who are willing to go pretty far in their defense of Donald Trump. And then there is Arizona’s Andy Biggs.

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The congressman had a memorable exchange with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Thursday. During the spot, Cavuto argued that Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci and the entire COVID commission has to be disbanded. His reasoning? They aren’t allowing Donald Trump to do what he needs to do.

“Look, let me just tell you what I think here. I think that Birx and Fauci have gone well past their….their, their, they’ve expired. Their time of usefulness has expired.” He later continued, “When the President comes out and makes a policy. When they come out and they make these statements that they make, they engender panic and hysteria and undermine what the President is doing.”

An incredulous Neil Cavuto replied, “Doesn’t he defer to them because they’re health experts. And they’re citing worries. They’re citing also that we can get his under control. It needn’t be a panic if people do what they should be doing. But isn’t that what doctors do, kind of look after peoples lives?” He then continued, “You’re telling to ones to get out, we don’t need you.”

Biggs ranted, “What I’m saying is that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have undermined what the President is trying to do.”

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A fired up Cavuto ended the conversation, “I would like to have you back to explain how 90% bed usage in the neck of the woods (Arizona) is not a big deal.”

Watch a clip of the exchange below:

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