WATCH: GOP Rep. Declares Climate Change Debate Over Because It Was 29 Degrees On Halloween

Despite mountains of evidence, there are still plenty of Republicans in Congress who dispute climate change. Like most subjects where the GOP lacks evidence to back their claims, they often use anecdotes and whataboutism to argue their claims. 

Andy Ogles, a Rep. from Tennessee gave a clear example of this Thursday on the House floor. Democrats are pushing climate alarmism, he said, and that they are wrong because it was 29 degrees on Halloween.

Maine Democrat Chellie Pingree began, "There is a lot of alarmism going on because we are facing a significant climate crisis. We just had the hottest summer on record. We’re having some of the most challenging weather, whether it’s a hurricane or a drought or flooding, impacting all of us in all of our districts."

"You know, we may have had a hot summer," Ogles countered, "but I just went trick or treating with my kids, and it was like, you know, the low that evening was 29 degrees, so temperatures change, alright? Temperatures have been changing for the millennia."

The Tennesee Republican continued his rant by saying:

"That being said, yet again, it’s this alarmism, this agenda that stands in the way of our energy independence. If we were truly worried about the environment, if we truly wanted to be energy independent, we would have modular nuclear reactors being built all over this country. That is the future of electricity. That is the future of the environment. That is the future of us being energy independent."