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WATCH: GOP Legislator Argues 10yo Should Be Forced To Carry To Term For “Benefit To Society”

WATCH: GOP Legislator Argues 10yo Should Be Forced To Carry To Term For “Benefit To Society”

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, right-wing legislators at the highest levels have claimed the ruling wouldn’t endanger women and girls, because, they assure us, abortion will always be available when it’s a medical necessity. Still, some aren’t s shy about letting us know just how much freedom and protection they’re willing to take from everyone with a uterus.

[Screenshot via Wrong About Everything/Facebook]

Here’s Tony Albright, a state Representative in Minnesota, appearing on the Wrong About Everything podcast, and though he objects to the word “forced” (as well as the word “fetus”) he’s very clearly insisting that a ten-year-old rape victim should be required to carry a pregnancy to term. He even argues that facts about the physical and emotional damage this will do to a child is just an opinion.

Host Javier Morillo: Now that you know that, your belief is that the 10yo should be forced to carry that child to term?
Rep. Albright: Not forced. Not forced, but that child —
Morillo: That 10yo.
Albright: The child that individual is carrying —
Morillo: But if — “not force,” so you’re saying that she should choose? That seems a little ‘choice-y.’
Albright: The value that unborn baby has to society cannot be underappreciated. So why is it because of the action of another, is the unborn baby held accountable for that action?
Morillo: Because a ten-year-old would have to go through a physically and psychologically scarring traumatic event he —
Albright: That’s your opinion.

The World Health Organizations fact sheet (not opinion sheet) on adolescent pregnancy explains the following:

Adolescent mothers (ages 10–19 years) face higher risks of eclampsia, puerperal endometritis, and systemic infections than women aged 20 to 24 years, and babies of adolescent mothers face higher risks of low birth weight, preterm delivery and severe neonatal conditions.

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Complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death for 15–19-year-old girls globally.

You can see the rest of their data here, and watch the full Wrong About Everything podcast episode with Representative Albright here.

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