WATCH: GOP Lawyer Ben Ginsberg Says Trump’s Looming Legal Issues Will be “Nerve Wracking”

The impeachment trial Donald Trump faced last week was significantly different than one he’d face in criminal court. It is, of course, highly unusual to have nearly half the jurors on your side no matter what evidence is presented.

Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Trump will soon be facing legal issues in both New York and Georgia. And there won’t be Republican senators to protect him this time around. Ben Ginsberg recently discussed Trump’s looming legal issues on CNN.

The GOP lawyer told the hosts of New Day, “Prosecutors are looking at actions that took place before he was president that they had to put on hold, to an extent, while he was president. They go deep into his financial roots and foundations, they are potentially legally very dangerous. But on a personal level, the defendants having to deal with those kinds of cases get really, really anxious, and the depositions and the discovery is fairly nerve racking.”

Ginsberg continued, “To avoid having to testify, they’ll (Trump’s allies) have to take the Fifth Amendment. Donald Trump has said only guilty people take the Fifth Amendment — that is a bad look for somebody who wants to be making a political comeback. You combine it all… he’s got some reputational issues that will get in the way of either a political comeback or a peaceful retirement.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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