WATCH: GOP Governor Larry Hogan is Excited to Move on From “The Cult of Donald Trump”

While the American political landscape has become extremely polarized, Republicans can win in blue states. Larry Hogan, the Governor of Maryland, is a good example of that. Maryland is a completely blue state, but Hogan is one of the most popular governors in the country.

Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images

And Hogan has earned his reputation by being the exact opposite of Donald Trump. The governor has been a regular opponent of Trump and is excited about a future without the 45th president.

Hogan discussed Trump during a Sunday appearance on Meet the Press. He told Chuck Todd, “Many people who are like, from my wing of the party, who are common sense conservatives that we’re not really Donald, strong Donald Trump supporters. They all won. And, you know, people like [Maine Sen.] Susan Collins won. … [Gov.] Phil Scott up in Vermont. We picked up a whole lot of House seats in all the suburban districts. So, I think the party has a winning message. We just had a bad messenger, and I think we’ve got to move on from the cult of Donald Trump and return to the basic principles that the party has always stood for.”

The Maryland governor continued, “I think that if they really want to win competitive seats in purple states and if they want to win suburban districts, if we want to somehow get back the House and the Senate, if we want to win a presidential election, they’re going to have to start building coalitions like we’ve done here in one of the bluest states in the country where you can have a message that appeals to more people.”

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