WATCH: GOP Governor Has an Insane Plan to Pay for New Infrastructure Package

Tate Reeves has decided that the best way to pay for Joe Biden’s new infrastructure plan is by cutting corporate taxes.┬áThe Mississippi governor made the proposal during a Sunday interview with Jake Tapper.

Tate Reeves congratulates Harry azcrac
[Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images]
He began by telling the host, “Infrastructure is a core function of government. It is something that the federal government, state government and local government should spend more of our resources on. But we don’t have to hike taxes by $2 trillion to do it.” Tapper replied, “well how do you pay for it then?”

Reeves explained, “Well I think you pay for it in a number of different ways. Um, one way you pay for it by is by seeing a significant improved economic growth. We saw that throughout the Trump administration because the policies were pro-business. They were pro-growth, and revenues improved. Unfortunately, during those 4 years, like the 4 years before that, they did not, in Washington, get control of spending.”

The Mississippi governor continued, “what’s ultimately going to happen and what’s already happening is that interest rates rise, the share of our annual budget that goes to pay for interest expense is going to rise from an already enormous level.”

After Reeves’ long rant, a laughing Tapper responded, “that doesn’t really answer the question of how do you pay for it, though. It actually provides an example of why it’s even more complicated than that.”

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