WATCH: GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman Rips QAnon Followers

The Republican party has a QAnon problem. What was once an online conspiracy has now infiltrated high levels of government. Donald Trump said that the only thing he knows about QAnon is that they support him. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a candidate from Georgia, is an overwhelming favorite to become congress’ first QAnon supporter.

Photo by Norm Shafer/ For The Washington Post via Getty Images

There are still, however, various Republican voices willing to call out the crazy online theory. Among them are Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney. Perhaps the strongest anti-QAnon voice within the party is Virginia Rep. Denver Riggleman. Riggleman ripped QAnon during a Sunday interview with MSNBC.

The congressman told Chuck Todd, “I might as well just piss everybody off. I think if we’re doing this, if we’re looking at misinformation to pander to a subset of voters, I think we’ve lost our way.”

Riggleman continued:

“Yes, I agree with most of the policies for limited government and growth. But when we start to represent as a party that’s part of this antisemitic conspiracy theory that believes there’s some kind of pedophilia cabal on the Democratic side of the House, I think we’re in for a rough ride. I scratch my head as a former intelligence officer,” he said. “What are we doing here? Like I said before, these are people that believe ‘Lord of the Rings’ is a documentary. And the fact that we’re trying to appeal to them is just ridiculous.”

The representative closed his remarks, “”I tell you what, I’m a Republican, what I thought a constitutional Republican was, but way the GOP is going in Virginia, it’s difficult for me to stay with any party. I believe the duopoly is really — the two party system is really failing the American people right now.”

Watch a clip of the interview below:

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