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Watch: GOP Congressman Condemns Trump’s Tariffs

Watch: GOP Congressman Condemns Trump’s Tariffs

A House member who belongs to President Donald Trump’s own Republican Party is speaking out against new tariffs being imposed against China, as the trade wars between Beijing and Washington heat up this week.

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The United States raised tariffs on $200 billion worth of exports from China Friday morning, hours after trade talks between the two nations went awry. Existing tariffs on targeted trade goods went from 10 percent to 25 percent overnight, CNN reported.

As a result, China promised in a statement to take retaliatory trade measures. Investors on Wall Street expect stock prices to react negatively when the market opens Friday, according to reporting from USA Today.

Rep. William Hurd, a Republican from Texas and a former undercover CIA agent, blasted Trump’s trade negotiation style, stating on CNN’s “New Day” that this wasn’t the way to hammer out a trade deal with China.

The Chinese government has “been doing things for years like hacking into our systems, stealing our intellectual property, using it for themselves to undercut U.S. businesses,” Hurd pointed out. He added that “China has been and still is engaged in a number of economic activities that is negative to the U.S. economy.”

In spite of China’s actions, however, Hurd stated that entering a trade war wasn’t the best way to respond.

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Tariffs make things “more expensive for Americans to buy products,” Hurd warned, and will have a “long-term impact” on our economy.

While lawmakers in Washington are beholden to doing what’s best for citizens across America, Chinese leaders don’t have to worry about similar concerns.

“They don’t care about pain impacted of their electorate,” Hurd said. “They don’t have an electorate over there. They’re going to be able to withstand [economic] pain longer than the U.S. economy can.”

Hurd warned Trump and others about the tariffs that their outcome wouldn’t yield positive results. “You don’t want to get into this tit-for-tat with an authoritarian government,” he said.

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