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WATCH: GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel Criticizes her Uncle Mitt Romney

WATCH: GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel Criticizes her Uncle Mitt Romney

Diverging political beliefs have led to family fights at dinner tables around the country. And that goes for politicians and lawmakers as well. GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel reportedly dropped the Romney from her name after being asked to do so by Donald Trump.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

And now Mitt Romney has irritated not only the President, but the entire Republican party. On Sunday’s episode of CBS’s Face the Nation, McDaniel had plenty of criticism for her Uncle Mitt and his vote to hear from witnesses in the Impeachment trial.

Host Margaret Brennan asked, “The Conservative Political Action Conference has disinvited [Mitt Romney] from an upcoming meeting,” Brennan explained. “They put this ad online, there are TV ads against him. Do you think this is proper political retaliation?”

Evading the question, McDaniel said, “The president has strengthened our party.”

The host countered, “I’m not sure if you saw the ad but it was you uncle’s face.”

McDaniel answered the question with a critique of her Uncle’s vote. “I haven’t seen the ad,” McDaniel replied. “That’s the grassroots part of our party and their upset when people aren’t supporting the president and are not supporting our party. They think if you aren’t supporting him, you are helping a Democrat get elected.”

Watch a video of the exchange below:


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