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WATCH: GOP Candidate Wants Dr. Fauci Arrested For “War Crimes” — “Get The Military Involved”

WATCH: GOP Candidate Wants Dr. Fauci Arrested For “War Crimes” — “Get The Military Involved”

An Illinois Republican who’s running to represent the state in the U.S. Senate says that he thinks Dr. Anthony Fauci should not only be fired, but arrested and charged as a war criminal.

[Photo by J. Scott Applewhite-Pool/Getty Images]

Disinformation about Dr. Fauci, the Wuhan lab, and COVID-19’s origins have been major talking points for Republicans. Examples include Rand Paul’s attack on the health expert when he testified before Congress, in which Fauci was forced to say he couldn’t respond to all the false statements due to limited time, but that most of what Paul claimed was false. In that case, Paul argued and demanded that Fauci take responsibility for the pandemic — despite Fauci having no demonstrable culpability whatsoever for it.

Now Bobby Pilton, who is one of half a dozen Republicans competing with Democrat incumbent Tammy Duckworth for her Senate seat, says that Fauci is not only culpable, but guilty of “war crimes” and should be arrested and forced to prove his innocence.

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The RightWingWatch clip above is sourced from a podcast by right-wing broadcaster Stew Peters, and when Peters asks Pilton for a one-word answer about whether he thinks Fauci should be arrested, Pilton’s answer is, “Absolutely.”

He elaborates:

“Get a national petition going to literally have him arrested for crimes against humanity…arrest him under that, have him prove that he didn’t commit crimes against humanity….As far as I’m concerned this is a war crime. Get our damned military involved if we have to! Find out what manner and what way do we get the military involved, if there’s a war criminal walking around freely on U.S. soil.”

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