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WATCH: GOP Candidate Recreates Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sexual Harassment For His Young Son

WATCH: GOP Candidate Recreates Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sexual Harassment For His Young Son

Since the incident in which a right-wing YouTuber recorded himself sexually harassing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the steps of Congress, he’s become something of a celebrity among his fellow extremists. They invite him on their podcasts, take photos with him, and seem to be lionizing him for his misogyny and bad behavior. Now they’re starting to publicly emulate it.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cussed by GOP
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Watch Josh Barnett below. He’s challenging incumbent David Schweikert in the GOP primary next month to take a House Seat — that is, to become Ocasio-Cortez’s co-worker — and he seems to think the crude shouting performed by Alex Stein towards a sitting Member of Congress is hilarious. He doesn’t just carry out a re-enactment of it in the self-check, while his wife is ringing up heir purchases, he also repeats it and pressures his son to join in, to the apparent embarrassment of the child.

“Look Bentley, it’s my favorite big-booty Latina! Bentley! Look, look!” he insists, as he focuses his phone camera on his kid and on his wife’s body. Bentley is hiding his face as his dad continues to yell, “Look how sexy she looks in those jeans!”

Wait, is this the same Republican Party that accuses Democrats of “grooming” children by acknowledging that LGBTQ people exist? Yes?

Oh, yes, in fact, here’s Barnett saying how he won’t allow his kid — same kid who he yelled at to check out his mom’s rear in public — to grow up in a world where kids can know drag queens exist and trans women can be accepted in sports.

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(Side note — surgical transition is typically not available until adulthood, despite the propaganda in Barnett’s post.)

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