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WATCH: GOP Candidate Drops Violent ‘RINO Hunting’ Ad As Death Threats Hit Kinzinger Family

WATCH: GOP Candidate Drops Violent ‘RINO Hunting’ Ad As Death Threats Hit Kinzinger Family

Republicans who dare to stand up to Donald Trump and his movement know that doing so can place a proverbial target on their backs. However, sometimes this danger, this threat from a subset of Trump’s fan group, is laid out more explicitly.

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Adam Kinzinger is among the Republicans who have been marked as a ‘RINO,’ or “Republican in name only,” by the contingent that believes supporting Donald Trump is the supreme purpose of the Republican Party. He’s one of only two Republican members of the January 6th Committee, and he’s been very vocal about the need to hold Trump responsible for his role in the attempts to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election.

He’s getting death threats for it, which, while disgusting, isn’t entirely unheard of for a prominent and controversial political figure — it’s why being a Member of Congress involves a lot of security. However, it’s not just him being targeted, but his wife, and the newborn son whose birth he shared in January.

The unsigned letter addresses his wife, Sofia, and refers to their son Christian by name, even declaring it ‘blasphemous’ that “the son of the devil” could be given that name. It promises execution for Kinzinger, and threatens that his wife and infant will “join him in hell.”

So, with particularly tasteless timing, Eric Greitens, a far-right Senate candidate from Missouri, drops this ad about “hunting RINOs,” complete with guns and military gear.

It’s not the first controversy to arise in Greitens’ campaign — he’s already facing allegations of domestic and child abuse, and he’s previously dropped ads that look like violent threats.

He’s getting a lot of negative feedback, but Greitens shows no sign of budging, and this seems to delineate the two factions of the Republican Party: those who are openly willing to advocate violence in the quest for power, at all costs, and those who have values they’re willing to stand up for, despite the risks.

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