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WATCH: GOP Candidate Describes How She Used Prophecy & Prayer To Redirect Murderer To “Witch” Neighbor

WATCH: GOP Candidate Describes How She Used Prophecy & Prayer To Redirect Murderer To “Witch” Neighbor

Have you ever had a nightmare, and then something remarkably similar to the nightmare actually happened? When it happened to California Republican Rachel Hamm, she shared the story in a campaign speech, suggesting that it was proof of her powers of prophecy and prayer. Focusing on the “authority” that she believes she’s demonstrated, Hamm glosses lightly over the fact that a neighbor was actually murdered.

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Rachel Hamm would like to serve as California’s next Secretary of State. In that role, she’d be responsible for duties including as overseeing elections, and operating programs to protect victims of domestic violence — all of which would need to be carried out without discrimination based on religious belief. Yet in Hamm’s account you’ll hear a suggestion that someone as a “self-proclaimed witch” was the cause of a bad dream shehad, and that this was why the victim was murdered.

I am a prophetic dreamer. That means I see things in my dreams before they happen. God speaks to me through my dreams and shows me things…I had a dream in which someone has tried to break into my home and murder me and light my house on fire…I wake up and I pray. I use my authority in Jeuss name and say no, nobody is going break into my home, or murder me, or light my house on fire, or harm me in any way…I go back to sleep. I wake up in the morning and I call home and my mom says you are not gonna believe what happened last night. You know the witches, the self-proclaimed witches, that live two doors down? Someone broke into their house, murdered her, and lit the house on fire. I of course was like excuse me, what did you say? Something you should know is that part of using your authority in Jesus name, is when I was praying against what I saw in my dream, I said, if anyone has sent that to me, if someone has intended to break into my house and kill me and light my house on fire then I not only will not receive that but I am sending that right back to them in Jesus name. I did not even know how much authority I had in that situation, until I called my mom and found out that the very thing I had just dreamed that someone was trying to do to me had happened to them.

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In a two-minute anecdote, Hamm manages to accuse (without evidence) a murder victim of plotting to attack her, hint that this victim’s alleged religious or spiritual beliefs tie into this, and take credit for turning events to result in the murder of her neighbor — and there’s a crowd cheering and whistling.

In the full video of this speech, Hamm makes further wild allegations about the ‘Satanic community’ in her area, claiming that someone killed a raven on her property, ranting about evil, and that COVID-19 vaccine mandates are proof of said evil and the works of Satan in America.

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