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WATCH: GOP Candidate Calls Donald Trump “Blackest President We Have Ever Had”

WATCH: GOP Candidate Calls Donald Trump “Blackest President We Have Ever Had”

Some Republicans have suggested that the election of President Barack Obama is proof that racism in America is over. Others have tried to debate his Blackness. Now, one GOP candidate is declaring that in fact, Donald Trump is the “Blackest president” America has ever had.

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Pastor Mark Burns is a Republican candidate running in 2022 to represent South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District, and he’s a strong Trump supporter and a candidate that likes to be in the midst of controversy. In this case, he’s appearing on Lindell TV with celebrity political influencers Diamond and Silk, who have also been vocal supporters of Trump. The two women cheer and clap as the pastor declares the ousted ex-president to be “the Blackest president we have ever had in this nation.”

Burns has been a perpetual vocal supporter of Trump, advocating for him in political ads during the 2020 election, and declaring Democratic policies to be a failure for Black Americans.

He’s also declared Trump to have done more for the Black community in the United States than former President Barack Obama, who Trump attacked and claimed wasn’t even an American citizen, even after Obama provided his Hawaii birth certificate as evidence.

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Just last year, one of his fellow South Carolina Republicans, Lindsey Graham, was trying to use the election of both Obama and now Vice President Kamala Harris as evidence that America has put systemic racism in its past, as Rolling Stone covered at the time. Graham (and most of the country) would probably be surprised to hear Burns’ assertion that it’s actually Trump who gets credit for being a Black President of the United States of America.

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