WATCH: GOP Candidate Breaks Out Trumpy Bear During NYC Mayoral Debate

Donald Trump may have fans around the country, but he certainly doesn’t have too many of them in New York City. During the 2020 election, the former President only captured 23% of the vote in his home town.

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Despite this, GOP mayoral hopefuls have tried to tie themselves to Trump. Fernando Mateo took it so far that he broke out a Trump Bear during a recent debate.

Mateo was debating Curtis Sliwa, best known for creating the Guardian Angels. Neither man has hit fundraising minimums, so their debate wasn’t sanctioned by the Campaign Finance Board.

Time and time again, Mateo slammed Sliwa for failing to vote for Donald Trump. The restauranteur bragged that he was Trump’s long-time friend. Mateo continued his attack, “Curtis Sliwa is a subway rider. That’s all he knows how to do, communicate with the subway homeless people, because that’s what he takes pride in. And he communicates with his 13 cats and 14 litter boxes in his house. That’s what he does. And by the way, I have my Trumpy Bear here. Which I know Curtis Sliwa has 13 cats, he has 13 cats, I have a Trumpy Bear, okay?”

Watch a clip of the debate below, courtesy of Fox 5.


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