[WATCH] ‘God Does Not Want Us Wearing Masks,’ DeAnna Lorraine Thinks

DeAnna Lorraine, who is well-known for being a QAnon believer and failing to win a seat in Congress had something to say about where God stands on wearing masks during this pandemic. According to Lorraine, God is against his followers wearing masks despite the risk of catching the coronavirus. Lorraine is also preemptively refusing the coronavirus vaccine or any other vaccine because it will be tainted with “mouse genes” and “robotic nanoparticles.”

Lorraine said during her broadcast yesterday, “I don’t want robotic nanoparticles in my body. We don’t want any of that crap.” She continued, “Biblically, God does not want us wearing masks. Masks are a symbol of hiding yourself, of doing bad deeds, inappropriate deeds, or malicious things that you need to hide from. And it is also a symbol of stripping us of our unique identity because [when] we’re wearing a mask, we’re not unique anymore, we’re all the same. And God doesn’t see us that way.”

She added, “He also sees us as being good, and anyone who is doing good deeds should not be living and hiding in the shadows behind a mask. A mask is a symbol of fear. You’re living in fear. If you have a mask on, it means you actually don’t trust God. You don’t have faith. You’re living in fear instead of faith. And of course, the Marxist globalist Satanists that are pushing all this, they are trying to invert reality and pervert God and Christians, and they want to isolate us from God, isolate us from other humans, and deprive us of that faith so that we rely on the government, the media, telling us what to do and telling us whether to be fearful or not instead of God.”

She concluded, “I prefer to have faith. I will live by faith instead of by fear.”

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