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WATCH: “Gobbledygook Supported By Evidence” Rudy Giuliani Claims To Be Hoarding Proof Of Clinton Spying

WATCH: “Gobbledygook Supported By Evidence” Rudy Giuliani Claims To Be Hoarding Proof Of Clinton Spying

In a new interview, Rudy Giuliani, who has made the full trip from New York City Mayor to Donald Trump’s personal attorney to podcaster, explains that while the left may dismiss accusations against Hillary Clinton as “gobbledygook,” it’s “gobbledygook with evidence.” In fact, he says he’s storing lots of evidence that nobody has seen yet — in his bedroom, or maybe his den.

[Photo by Sarah Silbiger for The Washington Post via Getty Images]

In covering the recent Durham filing, which is being read by the MAGA crowd as “proof” the Clinton Campaign spied on Donald Trump illegally, Law&Crime lays out some central facts, including that the filing doesn’t actually accuse Clinton or her campaign of illegal activity:

…the filing does not directly state or even facially allege that any of the proffered conduct surrounding the data itself was illegal.

Another significant point here arises with regard to the statute of limitations — even if there had been illegal activity alleged, the statute of limitations has passed without John Durham acting on it.

This becomes more interesting when Giuliani claims that he has piles of evidence (somewhere):

“They may feel that it’s gobbledygook, but it’s gobbledygook supporter by about a thousand pieces of evidence, none of which have been revealed yet. I happen to have it in my bedroom — or my den, actually.”

If Giuliani had evidence proving Hillary Clinton guilty of a crime, and has been hoarding it in either his bedroom, den, or some other location, for years, why wouldn’t he have produced it during the time that he was working for Donald Trump, or since, instead of keeping it hidden until there was no longer legal recourse?

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